Rather than getting your hopes up and telling you that there is a little known secret and strategy for playing baccarat, I’ll tell you from the start that no card strategy can be used to successfully lower the house edge in baccarat. And while the game is similar to blackjack in many ways, even card counting isn’t worth it. If you have to insist on doing something, you can bet on the banker hand rather than the player hand as it offers a lower house edge. The player hand provides a casino advantage of 1.36%, while the banker hand in itself provides a player advantage of 1.36%. Obviously this would not be a favorable situation for the casino, which is why there is a commission of 5% on the banker’s hand. Still, that brings the Casino Edge to just 1.17%. The margin can get even lower if you don’t tie bets that actually have a casino margin above 14%. The tie bet can be tempting as it pays 8 to 1. However, the correct odds for a tie bet are 9.5 to 1, which makes it a risky bet.

If you are sticking to the numbers, it is best to bet on the banker’s hand. Whether you bet on it every time doesn’t matter if it’s just a short run. If you plan to sit at the table for a long time, you will benefit from betting on the banker all the time. The only thing you can do is wish luck and be a responsible baccarat player. This includes keeping track of all of your bets – earnings and losses. Most land-based casinos provide pens with small blocks of grid paper (called score cards) that players can use to track runs. While there is no mathematical basis for run theory, which basically attempts to predict hand outcome patterns, some baccarat players swear by it.

If you wish, you can do the same when playing at the online casino. Just draw as many columns and intersecting rows as you can on a piece of paper. One of the easiest ways to mark it is to take two columns at a time and mark one with the letter B if the bank hand wins and the other with the letter P if the player hand wins. Keep marking these two columns until both hands win more than once.

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